May 19 2013

these days

…these days I am tired…a lot…and restless…is that normal?  I find myself desperately wanting to prepare things for when this critter comes and I’m only 17 weeks along.  The problem is we have a lot of switching around, getting rid of and amalgamating of stuffs; all which is dependant on buying new furniture to make it happen (PS: My giant old desk that’s painted white is no longer going to work for us.  Any takers? PPS:  If anyone has white Expedit bookshelves from Ikea that they don’t want anymore…I want them).


All these things take time.  As does, apparently, growing a baby.  If I thought I was impatient before all this, I now know for sure that I am the most impatient person on the planet.  And there’s still 22 1/2 more weeks of this?  Oy.  My “get it done in one shot without rest” Falk gene is having a hard time dealing with the wait.

Next week we will be on vacation in Mexico (huzzah!) and I feel like after that things might move along a little quicker (well, I hope they do.) A few weeks after that (June 18) we will be finding out if this Belly Critter is a She-Critter, or a He-Critter.  Aaaand then…maybe things will move along even more quickly.  Can you tell I like milestones and goals?  Breaking up a huge timeline into smaller bits helps my impatient mind cope with things.

Can you also tell that my writing has become a little bit incoherent?  You can blame that on the baby.  Well, I am at least.

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May 9 2013


I think there’s something growing in my belly.



May 8 2013

just because she’s awesome.

The majestic pug in her natural habitat, basking in the soft glow of the setting sun.  She is well aware of the power she holds in her dominion, and uses it frequently to gain treats and belly rubs.