these days

…these days I am tired…a lot…and restless…is that normal?  I find myself desperately wanting to prepare things for when this critter comes and I’m only 17 weeks along.  The problem is we have a lot of switching around, getting rid of and amalgamating of stuffs; all which is dependant on buying new furniture to make it happen (PS: My giant old desk that’s painted white is no longer going to work for us.  Any takers? PPS:  If anyone has white Expedit bookshelves from Ikea that they don’t want anymore…I want them).


All these things take time.  As does, apparently, growing a baby.  If I thought I was impatient before all this, I now know for sure that I am the most impatient person on the planet.  And there’s still 22 1/2 more weeks of this?  Oy.  My “get it done in one shot without rest” Falk gene is having a hard time dealing with the wait.

Next week we will be on vacation in Mexico (huzzah!) and I feel like after that things might move along a little quicker (well, I hope they do.) A few weeks after that (June 18) we will be finding out if this Belly Critter is a She-Critter, or a He-Critter.  Aaaand then…maybe things will move along even more quickly.  Can you tell I like milestones and goals?  Breaking up a huge timeline into smaller bits helps my impatient mind cope with things.

Can you also tell that my writing has become a little bit incoherent?  You can blame that on the baby.  Well, I am at least.

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