It’s difficult to believe that I am almost done with the second trimester.  I find it astounding that the first trimester feels more like a year, and the second has just breezed by (and by “breezed”, I don’t mean easy-breezy. Ha! But it’s been fast.)  I have been working on plans for the nursery for the past few weeks. We just got our dresser/change table (for free from craigslist!) and I plan on painting it, Dave is planning on painting it in the next few weeks.  We also did the daunting task of registering for baby gear at Sears and Baby’s R Us (on our 8th anniversary, no less!) Things are moving along quite nicely.  Other than the fact that it’s freaking hot and I feel like my belly is going to explode, I’m feeling pretty good.  Happy 24 weeks!


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