i’ve become a cat.

Have you ever looked at a cat who has been lounging in the exact same spot for hours on end and wondered what it’s like to be them?

I think this week I’ve discovered what that’s like…although I must say it’s more due to incapability rather than laziness.  So I’m 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  I start counting down in single digits after that.  I’m pretty stoked,  but I feel basically useless at this point.  I think this point arrives for every pregnant lady at a different time.  Some people work almost to the end (and they are crazy), some people are put on bed rest at 20 weeks.

I’m the kind of person who really enjoys working from home because even if it’s a slow season I always can find something to do.  I actually like housework,  I love to reorganize things,  and I always have a sewing project on the go.  With a baby on the way, there is much of that happening.  Until….this week.  It’s true that I’ve slacked a bit on the housework in the last month but I still have managed to do the necessities (well, to me) like making the bed, general tidying, dishes, etc.  This week, however, I have started to develop a fun pregnancy ailment (with an equally fun name!) called diastasis recti, essentially, my abdominal muscles are separating!  It makes it fairly difficult to sit up, bend over, lift things (any movement involving your abdomen, which is a lot I’ve discovered).  I’m not entirely certain how common it is, but on top of regular braxton hicks (practice contractions) feeling huge and lethargic, it certainly has changed my daily routine.

So I’m feeling done.

But I would really like to make the bed and dust and vacuum and reorganize the kitchen and clean out the closets (and finish that dang dress I started two weeks ago!)  But instead I sit on the couch reading Calvin and Hobbes.  Oh, and dinner?  Poor Dave comes home from working all day…and so far this week all I’ve got done is plan what we will eat…and then he cooks.

Is this normal?  Do other pregnant people feel as useless as I do at this point?

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