Sep 6 2013


I feel huge.

A stranger asked when I was due.  When I said, she commented on how huge I was (thanks) and then asked if there was two in there.  This seems to be a common conversation pregnant ladies have near the end.  Can we just agree to not say that to pregnant ladies?  I need a t-shirt that says “Yes I’m huge.  No, there’s only one in there.”  So now when people ask, I just say “Soon!”  I get less shocked faces that way.

Tomorrow is my first baby shower, and I’m pretty dang excited.  I made a dress, special for the occasion.  I’m kind of tempted to make a pink bow for around Minnie’s neck, but I think she’ll just eat it.

In other news…we finished our home reno, I cancelled my last jazz concert (I’m no longer in the mood to stand and perform for 2 hours, and I realized it was 3 weeks from my due date) and the nursery is almost completed.  It’s been insanely busy and I can’t believe how little time there is left.

I’m having a baby next month!

*note* Technically, this is 33 weeks.  But our house was in shambles when I was at 32 weeks and I couldn’t take my picture.  I couldn’t bear to see the increments move in an uneven amount…so I call this 32 weeks.  So there.

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