{♥} inside our home – lucy’s nursery

Lucy’s nursery was something that, like many new moms, I was so very excited to do.  I vowed that I wouldn’t do a pink nursery…but apparently that turned out to be almost impossible for me.  My inspiration point was an illustration I did a few years back of some birds.  I knew that I wanted the room to be light feeling since it was so small, so I decided to keep as much as possible (and practical) white and accent in colour where I could.

We were on a pretty small budget for the room.  In fact, the only thing that was really bought was the crib (we even got the mattress for free!)  Almost everything else was free/loaned/already owned/handmade.

The mobile was the cheapest craft.  I spent $2 on 4 sheets of felt, and $2 on some wooden dowels and made it in an afternoon.

The dresser is probable one of my favourite things in the room.  I found it on craigslist back in early summer.  There was no price, but it wasn’t listed in the free section so I emailed the guy and asked how much he wanted for it.  It’s a solid wood dresser (that had been painted) so I assumed he wanted something for it, but I assumed wrong!  It was free, so Dave went and picked it up that day.  Dave spent a lot of time sanding and painting the dresser.

The artwork that is above the dresser is all my own.  The birds were an illustration I did a while back (and the inspiration for the room), the “I Love Lucy” is a my own version of the TV show’s logo, and the song lyrics (Barenaked Ladies “La La La La Lemon”) are something that I drew out while Lucy was in the hospital.

The rocking chair in the corner was the one that my mom used with all of her kids.  It is on loan…for now.

We have a huge assortment of retro kids books that, let’s be honest, were never actually bought for Lucy.  Dave and I may or may not have always had a soft spot for vintage kids stuff.  Notice the My Little Pony below (one of *many*, that I’ve been collecting for a while) as well as the Care Bears that were given to Lucy by a friend.  The two teddy bears in the bottom corner were mine as a kid (Gund Bears).  They were my favourite stuffed animals (well, until my oversized stuffed orangutan Olly came along…but that’s a whole different story).

The bunny was something I made for Lucy when I was pregnant.  It started as a joke between Dave and I (“Everybunny loves Lucy!”), and turned into a cute little toy.  And lastly, I couldn’t leave out my sock monkeys Rockford Bernstein and his wife Lola, and their pet sock elephant Richard Dean.  These are the most well travelled sock critters, I’m sure (see the unfinished blog of their travels here)

Right now Lucy spends little to no time in the room as she sleeps in a cradle in our room.  I’m pretty excited though for when the room actually starts getting used for real as a little girls room.  Maybe I’ll even let Lucy play with some of my My Little Pony’s.  Maybe.

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