Jun 17 2013

in the meantime…

Oh, hi!  I’ve been working hard this past little while at finishing this lovely wedding.  Hop on over to my Photography site and check out the rest of the shots!  It’s a good’n.

Meanwhile…I sit and drink gallons of water in preparation for my ultrasound today.  I’ll probably post later on today the results!  Stay tuned, fellow internetters.


Jun 8 2013

#projectrodda2013 Mexican getaway

At the end of May, Dave and I took off on our very last big solo Rodda vacation before the little critter arrives.  We decided to go to Mexico for two reasons: 1, We don’t normally vacation in resorts and thought it might be a nice change (considering I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of trekking around) and 2, I had been to this area of Mexico twice before with my family and it was familiar to me.  I (surprisingly) didn’t want a vacation where I had to figure out too much about the area/culture (chalk it up to being tired and pregnant).  We ended up at the same resort in San Jose del Cabo where my brother and his wife took their honeymoon (another easy choice, so there wouldn’t be as many surprises).  Most of our time was spent reading/swimming/laying by the pool/eating.  We did do a couple things in town though…where I quickly discovered that I am a wimp when it comes to being overly hot.

Dave read three novels.  The Kobo has been good to him.

We took a sunset dinner cruise.  It was lovely, up until the very end when they decided to make it into a dance party booze cruise.  Not exactly my scene…

There was a cruise photographer who took our picture and tried to sell it to us.  Pff.  I can do better…see?  Most of our faces are in the shot. (Her picture did suck anyway…even if it had our whole bodies in the shot)

When the cruise turned into a dance party, I very much longed to be on one of these boats.

The church in downtown San Jose.

The best food we had the whole vacation.  Beautiful little sunken courtyard restaurant in San Jose called La Panga Antigua.

Chips and Salsa.  A lot was had.


Jun 6 2013


Here it is.  The halfway point.

I promise to put up something other than bump shots/pregnancy stuff soon, but we just got back from vacation in Mexico, I’m busy trying to finish a wedding and I’ve been feeling a bit sick today…so things are moving at a slower pace.

I can’t believe I finally get to start counting down now.  It feels good to be on the other side of the countdown.

Yay for 20 weeks!


May 19 2013

these days

…these days I am tired…a lot…and restless…is that normal?  I find myself desperately wanting to prepare things for when this critter comes and I’m only 17 weeks along.  The problem is we have a lot of switching around, getting rid of and amalgamating of stuffs; all which is dependant on buying new furniture to make it happen (PS: My giant old desk that’s painted white is no longer going to work for us.  Any takers? PPS:  If anyone has white Expedit bookshelves from Ikea that they don’t want anymore…I want them).


All these things take time.  As does, apparently, growing a baby.  If I thought I was impatient before all this, I now know for sure that I am the most impatient person on the planet.  And there’s still 22 1/2 more weeks of this?  Oy.  My “get it done in one shot without rest” Falk gene is having a hard time dealing with the wait.

Next week we will be on vacation in Mexico (huzzah!) and I feel like after that things might move along a little quicker (well, I hope they do.) A few weeks after that (June 18) we will be finding out if this Belly Critter is a She-Critter, or a He-Critter.  Aaaand then…maybe things will move along even more quickly.  Can you tell I like milestones and goals?  Breaking up a huge timeline into smaller bits helps my impatient mind cope with things.

Can you also tell that my writing has become a little bit incoherent?  You can blame that on the baby.  Well, I am at least.

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May 9 2013


I think there’s something growing in my belly.