05-52 – hands free

Project 52 – A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 5…Hands free

19 weeks, 2 days.

11lbs 5oz (!!!)

This week:

…has been a gong show.  And when we finally had some free time on Monday evening…Lucy pulled out her NG tube and we had to go to the hospital to get it put back in.  Now she has to wear mitts all the time.  I let her have her hands free for a bit every day and the first thing she does is put her hands in her mouth.  She LOVES her hands.  (see above!) She does HATE tummy time, and this particular time ended in tears…and vomit (she just had her shots though and they have made her pukey)

We have 5 appointments this week.  One with Lucy’s GP, one set of 4 month shots, one set of RSV immune booster shots, a meeting with an OT and child development team, and on Friday a swallow study (not looking forward to that one…)

Her weight gain has been really stellar and we were pretty excited to see that she is now officially over doubled her birth weight (5lb3oz)  Because of that we wanted to see if we could cut out the 2AM feed and let her sleep till 5AM, and she has!  Huzzah!

3 more weeks till surgery.  I’m white knuckling it till then.

(and one bonus picture because, well…she’s flippin’ cute.)


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