Jan 3 2014

the past, the present, the future.

So…here I am at the beginning of 2014.  I haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep at a time in…I don’t remember how long.  See those eyes?  Those are the eyes of an exhausted mama.  My life has become…a whole lot different in the last year.  From the excitement of getting pregnant, to being pregnant in the heat of the summer (yuck), to going into preterm labor and then dealing with the crappiness of an unexpected c-section, to dealing with a preemie, and major health issues of said preemie…2013 did not really go how I expected it to go.  I’m looking forward to a better year, and maybe by the end of it I’ll have had at least one full night of sleep.  Here’s to big goals! Ha!

Each year I’ve always tried to freshen up my blog a little in one way or another.  If you haven’t noticed, I did a little redesign (which I’m still working on, but it’s hard to get much design time in these days).  As I was sorting through old posts to clean up layouts etc, I found a post from Jan. 2010 (check it out here) and I thought I’d do a little updated version (with some of the questions left out/edited).

10 years ago: I was working night shifts at McDonalds, and was about to hand in my 2 week notice.  I had just gotten a job at Tom Lee Music, where I would meet my future husband and we would go on our first date to a heavy metal concert on Valentines day.  I drove a 1984 Dodge Shadow named Bunbury that stalled every three seconds.  I was obsessed with Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers” series and had just finished the last book.  I listened to Astrid Gilberto like it was my job.

1 year ago: This. And then we bought a couch.  It may or may not have been a “Let’s feel better about ourselves cause our year just started off crappy” purchase.

Yesterday: I spent half the day pulling my hair out trying to feed Lucy.  The other half, I spent pulling my hair out because the latest wordpress update almost ate my website and I had to manually reinstall everything.  Don’t worry, I have a lot of hair to pull out, so I’m not bald.  Yet.

Today: I made too many phone calls to too many doctors and specialists.  We have been trying to figure out why Lucy will *not* eat.  It has been getting worse and worse and we are at our wits end.  Our doctors appointments are piling up. Currently, the list of appointments goes as follows:  Jan 7: Chiro for Lucy (this apparently helps with reflux issues), Jan 9: Cardiology, to find out the status of her heart and to possibly make the final decision about when her surgery will be. Also, follow up meeting with her surgeon from her first surgery (Dr Butterworth!  Best name ever.  Nicest doctor ever too.) Also, meeting with a feeding specialist to discuss solutions to her feeding aversion.  Jan 22nd, paediatrician visit for checkup and updates. Jan 28th, GP follow up to see if the meds for the reflux have been working. Also, meeting with an occupational therapist and speech therapist (which seems strange, but apparently they work on feeding issues with infants?).  Then to end her month off well, a nice big RSV shot in the thigh.  I plan on ending my day with a glass of port. Yes please.

Tomorrow: I will shop for jeans.  You bet.  First time buying jeans postpartum and I’m a little nervous.  Things don’t really fit like they used to.

1 Biggest Joy: (which is also my biggest pain in the arse right now as well) is the little human critter named Lucy that is happily grunting beside me right now.  If I never had to feed her our lives would be bliss.

2 Favourite Toys: The french press.  It will probably always be one of my favourite toys.  It makes my day work properly.  And my iPad…which incidentally is old and probably needs to be replaced because appscrashes if you look at it funny…but it has been the most useful of tools/toys to me.

3 Things I Would Do With $1,000,000: 1: Buy a house so I didn’t have to listen to chihuahuas all day long. 2. Hire a cook.  I’m tired of cooking.  I enjoy it if I’m not sleep deprived and can prepare…but otherwise… 3. Take a nice long vacation.  I think I’m in the mood to go back to Greece.

4 Things I Love Doing: 1. Making the bed…and general house work.  Yes, so sue me– I love keeping my house tidy.  My bed always has to be made.  I even iron my sheets.  2. Snuggling with my puppy.  She is basically the sweetest thing that ever happened to the world.  3. Sleeping.  Enough said.  4. Blogging.  I really hope that I can find some time to be more regular at it. (BONUS: If you read this same post from 4 years ago, I said I loved dreaming that I lived on the Starship Enterprise.  I still love that.  It is still my ultimate goal.)

5 Things I am looking forward to this year: 1. Lucy’s heart surgery.  Is it strange that I am looking forward to that?  It used to be so scary and daunting.  Now I understand that it is vital for her to thrive. 2. Walks in the park with my pug and baby.  I hope to do this often. 3. Going to Harrison in spring.  Every year the BCMB conference sends the pastors and spouses on a retreat there and all I can think about lately is sitting in the hot springs.  Yes please. 4. The 52 Project.  I really am excited to see how it grows. 5.  Perhaps…getting a full nights rest sometime near the end of the year when/if Lucy will sleep through the night.  I am the worst person when I haven’t slept.  No sleep makes me so miserable.

Well there you go.  Maybe I’ll do this again next year to see what has changed.  Happy New Year, folks!


Jan 1 2014

the 52 project. 01-52

Inspired by this blog, who in turn was inspired by this blog I decided to do a 52 week project this year. It’s a simple concept: take a portrait of Lucy every week all year. Let’s be honest, I was probably going to take that many (or more) pictures of her anyway, so why not make it a project and share it? I’m hoping that this will help push me back into blogging–something that I’ve been missing since Lucy was born.

This was taken just after her bath this morning. Dave dressed her in in this retro velour sleeper that used to be mine as a baby (it’s his favourite sleeper to put her in. He thinks it’s pretty funny). She was in a pretty good mood–until we fed her a few minutes later. Which brings me to my next point: we’ve had a heck of a time getting any food in this baby as of late. She screams and kicks and flails during feed time and to get anything in her is a battle. It’s gotten so bad that we made an emergency appointment with the doctor yesterday, who told us that he couldn’t see anything obviously wrong with her and he thinks the key is persistence (If only he knew just *how* persistent we are!) We all speculated that perhaps she had silent reflux and he prescribed some medication to try for 2 weeks and if it is reflux we should start seeing better feed times in a few days. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that this will be the solution…

In the meantime, she continues to capture everyones heart when she is not being fed and is a happy little critter. Look at that sly little smile!

Lucy is 15 weeks and 2 days.  She is up to 9lbs 2oz!

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