07-52 daddy’s girl.

Project 52 – A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 7…Daddy’s girl

21 weeks, 4 days.

Weight: 12lbs 3oz

I had a lot of pictures in the running for this week…but this one…this was the one.  I think it’s safe to say that she has officially got him wrapped around her tiny little finger.

You guys…we have 6 more days till surgery.  Yesterday we met with her cardiologist one last time to go over details of the stay.  The nurse dealing with her gave us a very good prognosis for afterwards in terms of her feeding improving significantly afterwards.  This is, of course, not our first rodeo when if comes to medical procedures with our baby so we’re not getting our hopes up that things will be great right away.  But there’s hope.

The next time you see this little face she will have a whole heart again.  How exciting is that?


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  • Alison Says:

    Oh, Courteney. I will be thinking of you all on Thursday xx

    So looking forward to seeing Lucy’s beautiful portrait next week :)

  • Kate Says:

    This really touched me. What a beautiful, beautiful photo. Sending enormous love and prayers your way!

  • Sarah Says:

    Sweet little Lucy, we’re rooting for you!

  • Katie Says:

    I just found you via practising simplicity. Wishing you well for the coming surgery. Our daughter was born 6 weeks early last year. She was tiny (3lbs 4oz) but we thought that was her only problem. She ended up being very sick with heart failure from an ASD -(a difficult, delayed diagnosis as the great majority of ASDs cause no problems until adulthood).
    I also pumped my breast milk, fed her by tube and topped up with formula. She vomited constantly – a feature of her heart failure. It took months to get her into decent enough shape for surgery but eventually she had it done. Now she is unrecognisable from the sick little baby she used to be. It is a delight to see her grow and blossom – and get rid of the tube!
    I am sure the day of surgery will be excruciating but – from one who has been through it – so very much worth it.
    Wishing you strength for the days ahead and joy in the months to come as she recovers and thrives.

  • Dena Says:

    oh goodness! that sweet little face. i can totally see just why she’s got her papa wrapped around her little finger. best of luck with her surgery — best wishes, hugs & kisses headed your way. xo

  • Katie Says:

    Good luck to your sweet girl this week, and to you as well in your hospital stay and her recovery!!

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