bits & pieces – baby edition.

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so I figured it was about time.  I’ve been asked a lot lately what my day looks like with Lucy…I guess because she is on an NG tube, or maybe because of her heart condition.  Either way, I’m not sure it’s too different from another new mom–except that we are on a pretty regulated schedule.  My day is broken up in 3 hour segments now (with me having 2 hours to get something done, if/when Lucy sleeps).  We were feeding every three hours round the clock up until last week when we cut out the 2AM feed and boosted the rest of her amounts.  She does tire quickly and probably sleeps more than most 4.5 month old babies, but it’s small cat naps throughout the day.

So without further ado…here’s a typical day.

In the words of Molly Johnson (10 points if you know who that is) “Well…good morning!”  Forgive the crappy picture.  I dare you to take a good picture 2minutes and 31 seconds after you’ve been woken up at almost 5AM.

At least someone is in a good mood at 5AM.  Always big smiles from this one in the wee hours of the morning.

Minnie doesn’t ever beg for food.  We’ve never fed her scraps so she has no idea what she’s missing.  Bigsby, on the other hand, knows all too well.  He begs for bits of my breakfast muffin.  Every morning.

If I want her to fall asleep and she’s being fussy, I usually put her on the play mat…she plays so hard that she’s asleep within minutes.  It’s one of her favourite places.

Perching pug.

Early morning bread batch.

“I fell asleep on my play mat and woke up in my crib!  WHAT’S GOING ON?!”

Lucy always dresses her best, even if she’s got no place to go.

She’s 4.5 months and already tired of me taking her picture.

I’m pretty good with the emoticons, right?

Bread for the week.

It may not look like much to you, but Lucy had half an ounce at that particular feed.  The next feed she did 1.5oz which we were all very happy about.  We are trying to reinforce positive oral feed times…it’s not easy.

The lamp works well as a feed bag hanger.

Lately my one luxury a week has been painting my nails.  I never used to paint my nails (unless I had an occasion) and since Lucy has been born my nail polish collection has gone from 2 colours to many colours.  Exciting, I know.

I can’t have a bits and pieces blog post without Bigsby.  Even though all he does is this.  Sleep on the bed.  All day.

Helping me with the laundry.

“Minnie, bow your head.  Say your prayers.”  Our puppy is a Christian.  She prays before every meal, and only eats when you say “Amen”.

Experimenting with tricking her into eating orally.  She did a half ounce this way, but then the next feed totally caught on and refused that particular soother.

I made a bunch of lasagnas to freeze and save for a rainy day.  Dave couldn’t wait for a rainy day and insisted on having it right away.

My bedtime routine is this: Pajamas, Pug, Port & Pinterest.  In bed by 9PM.

Rinse & repeat the next day all over again.

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