11-52 the jolly maharani

Project 52 – A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 11:  The Jolly Maharani

6 (!!) months old (on Sunday)

 I made this little turban headband for Lucy this week and she has been referred to as a little maharaja more than once…although I’d like to point out that she is a little girl and the equivalent is a maharani.  I googled it.  Of course.
I think she looks so jolly in the above picture, which pretty much seems to describe her personality.  Since being off the tube her demeanour has made a complete turnaround.  While she wasn’t a necessarily a miserable baby, she almost never laughed, and it took a lot to get a smile.
Lately she has been interacting with her toys a lot more, and definitely has a favourite (a green frog hanging on her play mat).  She holds on to it, and holds on to another toy to the left of her (a little puppy) and stares at the frog and talks to it in a high pitched happy squeal voice.  It’s…endearing…?
We’re still struggling with eating, although she’s starting to take bigger volumes at a time.  Albeit, they happen mostly when she’s drowsy/asleep…but we’re working on that.  This morning she took half an ounce wide awake.  Amazing!

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