12-52: nap time for lucy

Project 52 – A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 12:  Nap time for Lucy

Ever since she had heart surgery, Lucy’s energy has been through the roof!  It’s great…but now we have had to start from square one with naps for her.  It used to be that we could lay her down anywhere/whenever and she would sleep.  Now the world is terribly exciting, and sleep is not on her agenda.  We’ve had to work really hard on routines–snuggles with Franny the Fun Bun, soother, then bottle…then…sleep.  It’s taken a lot of deliberateness on our part but I think we are slowly falling in to a kind of schedule.  Huzzah for that.

PS: She’s sitting on  my lap now and desperately wants at the keyboard, so here’s a message from Lucy:

“fmnnm bgm           sd/,.vh mjm7ff5hgn h n SD”

Happy Thursday!  We’re off to family dinner!

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