we ♥︎: minimocs

I want to start a new series, reviewing products that we love in our home.  I’m not sponsored by anyone, so you can be assured–this is purely an organic review.  No one is paying me to say this. :)

So without further adieu, my first review is of a local company that I am head over heels in love with (and Lucy is too!)– Minimoc.  This company was started by a friend of mine a little over a year ago, after she had been making moccasins for friends babies and the interest in them just kept growing.  Since then her little company has exploded with popularity and has gained fans all over.

Aside from the fact that they are locally made, we also love that they are made from ethically sourced leather–something that seems to be hard to come by these days.  They are sturdy little moccasins, and fit SO well.  Lucy is a major kicker and I have yet to see her get them off her feet.  She also has teeny tiny feet, and Minimocs are the only shoes that I have found that have sizes that fit since she came home from the hospital.  They come in 15 different colours, and also have just come out with matching hair bows and bow ties!  We are so excited to see their company grow, and I eagerly await when Dave will let me buy another pair for Lucy.

Check out their website to see all the awesomeness: www.minimoc.ca  OR like them on Facebook to get updates on new colours and products!

[BELOW] Lucy’s well loved mocs–the gold ones were a prototype size that didn’t fit normal baby feet–but my little preemie fit them well.  She’s in size 2 already! We LOVE the white ones for springtime.

9 Responses to “we ♥︎: minimocs”

  • Gillian Says:

    SO cute! Little Lucy has such style. :) I adore these photos!

  • SARA Says:

    YO LOS QUIEROOOOOOOO!!! Pero no se como comprarlos en Barcelona!!!

  • Rebekah Baier Says:

    I found your page via The Mommy Blogger Collective at Live, Love, Simple (in case you were curious) :) Your photography is just lovely, so simple yet enchanting. Baby girl is just beautiful, and of course the Minimoc’s are adorable!! Here’s to hoping our next baby is a girl, these are just precious! Where did you get her little leggings?

  • Kayla Says:

    Your baby girl is adorable and you’re one talented mama for making her leggings! Where did you get the pattern and fabric for her leggings? My little man is due very soon and I just can’t bring myself to spend $40 on those baby leggings I see everywhere online.

    • Courteney Rodda Says:

      I used a pair of leggings she had already to get the shape and size…I folded them in half, and cut the two pieces. They end up being two sides with the seam in the middle. Does that make sense? Maybe I should just do a tutorial. :P The fabric is from a local fabric shop — Fabricland. It was a remnant, so I bought all that they had, which was .8 metres. I plan on making Lucy a coat for Autumn with the same material.

  • Lexie Says:

    I’m interested in minimoc but can’t seem to find too many reviews (I’m from the states) as to how they do with wear? Do the bottoms get burned through fast (holes etc) or are they fairly durable?! Thanks in advance for answering!

    • Courteney Rodda Says:

      They wear really great! The bottoms are a non-slip leather and are super durable. My daughter has never worn a hole in them or even come close for that matter. She wears them outside on dry days, but now that she’s walking more they are her indoor shoes mostly, since we have all hardwood floors. My favourite thing about them is that they are just so soft and comfortable for her, and they stay on really well.

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