monthly prompt: rain

**I am a part of a small blogger collective consisting of other mom bloggers and each month we are given a word “prompt” to write about.  This months prompt is “rain””**

If you are from the Pacific Northwest, the scenario I’m about to tell you will be familiar.  At the end of February, it looked like Spring was about to arrive.  We had some really beautiful days and it seemed like maybe winter would be over early.  Then on March 1st, we got a giant dump of snow.  Everyone despaired.  It seems to happen every year like this, and every year we seem to forget the outcome.  While to some the snow looked really beautiful, it was also March 1st and we were done with winter (meanwhile, everywhere else in Canada was still waist deep in snow, and we really had nothing to complain about).  Then as per usual, a few days after the snowfall it started raining. The days turned grey and the ground turned a mushy brown.  Any snow that was left over was patchy and discoloured.  Everything looked dismal.

At the same time that this was happening, Lucy had just come home from the hospital from her heart surgery.  We had just pulled out her NG tube and were doing a rapid wean to get her back to eating orally.  We were so excited that the hurdle of heart surgery was out of the way and that the feeding tube was out.  Things looked rosy at first.  But if you are familiar with any kind of recovery (especially with babies) you’ll know that there’s a motto: “one step forward, two steps back”.  I remember one particular day when she had been eating fairly miserably, I looked out the window at the grey mush that was our backyard and thought about how miserable things felt.  A phrase kept popping in my head though:

“Sometimes things have to get ugly before they can be made beautiful.”

We know that here in the PNW when we get a snowfall there will inevitably be that gross period of cold rain and mud.  We also know that in order to get the beautiful spring and summer that we love so much, that has to happen.  Never have we woken up one day after a snowfall to see that the snow is all gone, the ground is dry and it’s warm and sunny outside.

“Sometimes things have to get ugly before they can be made beautiful.”

Sometimes the rain has to come, to clear away the last vestiges of winter and make way for spring.

I’m pretty sure this phrase can apply to a lot of scenarios.  For us, it meant that we had to be prepared for Lucy’s eating to be bad in order for her to learn how to get better.

We had pretty miserable days (or weeks?) with weaning Lucy off of the feeding tube.  After all, she had spend more than half her life getting fed that way, so we were working against a lot.  We knew that she had to figure it out on her own though, and that meant having miserable days of her screaming constantly because she was hungry and just didn’t understand what it meant.  It was ugly.

Today though, she is over one month tube free and after months of miserable feeding, we are now on a normal schedule and our lives aren’t completely dictated by when/how well she eats.

Oh, and guess what?  Spring arrived.  Just like it always does every year, and it’s be-a-utiful!


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3 Responses to “monthly prompt: rain”

  • Christina Honkonen Says:

    Beautiful! You are an incredible photographer by the way ;)

  • Momista Beginnings Says:

    ain’t that the truth. lovely post. i’m so glad to hear that Lucy is doing much better which means you all finally get a bit of a break! really, that’s great news. i love that photo, too :)

  • Dena Says:

    Ah, this is so lovely — as always — Courteney. End winter/early spring is the same way here in the Northeast. Lots of terrible wet, mess and all grey. In fact, after a couple of nice days, it’s been down-pouring all day today. But I’m totally okay with the ugly & patiently awaiting the beautiful’s return. ;)

    So glad to hear that you guys have gotten onto a normal schedule. <3

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