22-52 playtime

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 22: Playtime

8.5 months old

I had a hard time deciding between the above photo and the one below for the picture this week, but Dave liked the top one best.  This is the first toy we have actually bought for Lucy, surprisingly (or not surprisingly, if you knew us).  We’ve had some things given to us and with the exception of her exersaucer they are all very small.  We have been wanting to be very intentional with her toys.  Everything she got from us at Christmas was handmade by us (which reminds me…I still haven’t shared that!) and we have worked hard to keep the number of toys at a minimum for two reasons: 1) I don’t want her to grow up with an attitude that everything is expendable.  I’d like for her to appreciate what she has.  We’re hoping that the best way to cultivate that is to buy a lot higher quality toys less frequently.  Less is more, right? And 2) On a practical note: We have a TINY house.  We have to push our coffee table aside for her to play, it’s that small.  I’d like to not have it crowded with every kind of toy possible.  My rule of thumb for her toys is: One big toy, and a basket of small toys.  Right now we technically have two, because her exersaucer is still out (but I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can put it in storage)  Luckily the activity cube is small enough that I can put it in a corner when she’s asleep.  Plus it’s not ugly so that’s a bonus!

This activity cube is from a company called B. Toys and it’s available at Target.  It’s exactly the kind of toy that we’ve been looking for, and Lucy LOVES it!  It’s meant for babies 10mo-2years, but Lucy seems very entertained by it despite only being 8.5 months.  She loves to stand at it and push the beads around, on one of the sides is the alphabet with squares that flip to reveal and animal (she likes to make them spin) and there’s also little doors that she likes to open and close.

PS: Look at this child standing.  We’ve tried and tried to get her to crawl and she is close, but I don’t think she’ll crawl long before she walks.

2 Responses to “22-52 playtime”

  • Jessica Says:

    I know how you feel about toys. We haven’t bought Sawyer a single toy yet we have a TON (and I will happily get rid of most of them anyways).

  • Andrea Jene Says:

    I love your idea about being intentional about toys. We do the same around here. I love wood toys and anything involving pretend play. Lucy is simply gorgeous!

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