29-52 yuck

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 29:  YUCK.

10 months old

This is basically her response to 99% of the food we give her.  I made her a blueberry smoothie and as soon as the liquid would slid towards her lips she would pull her head away (getting blueberry everywhere). I also gave it to her in a sippy cup with a big straw and she just spat it out as soon as it got to her mouth. We’ve tried spoon feeding (that’s a big giant “NO”) self feeding with all kinds of food, but in the end the only thing she will willingly put in her mouth is a baby mumum cracker…and dog food.

Anyone else experience a baby that refuses all food?  We try every day three times a day and three times a day she refuses (usually after trying a tiny bit).  It is NOT fun.


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  • Evelyne Says:

    Oh Dear,
    I had a similar experience with my youngest. She refused most of the things I tried to give her. She has always loved banana though. I would squish it and give it to her with my fingers and she ate it up every time. She also liked rice, and picking it with her own fingers :/ We tried everything, but she was super picky. It was milk and bananas most of the time.
    With time she started liking more and more foods and now she is an amazing eater. She tries everything and she likes more things too. I never gave up though, I tried the same thing over and over and over and eventually she started to like it. Beets which are her favorite now was introduced to her several times and as soon as she would taste it she’d spit it across the kitchen. Then one day I gave it to her imagining she wouldn’t even try it she just ate one piece after the next. I was so impressed and decided to do this with every food. And then I read an article talking about how children need to try something a couple times before they start to like it or something like that. Which made total sense from my experience.

  • Evelyne Says:

    ps. She was also very attracted to the dog food!! :) She has eaten a couple pebbles… oops…

  • Jessica MacDonald Says:

    My little one didn’t really eat till after he was one. You can’t force it – they’ll eat when they’re ready :)

  • Erica @ Expatria, Baby Says:

    I’m super behind in my blog reading, but thought I’d comment here nonetheless because my daughter was quite similar. She would eat nothing. Nothing. Like if I could get her to eat a tablespoon of food in a day, well that was major. She continued like this till about 2 weeks from her first birthday when she started eating avocado, tofu, and hummus. Now, at four years, she’s a great eater and scarfs down all manner of yummy things including broccoli, spinach, and kale. Her favorite breakfast is noodle soup with bok choi. Not joking. So, maybe give it time? Fingers crossed!

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