30-52 Caught in the act!

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 30:  Caught in the act!

10 months old

If I were constantly carrying around my camera, there would be several different “caught in the act” scenarios to choose from.  Getting at the books is just one of many things she gets to.  She has only wrecked one book so far and I’m hoping that because many of them are packed in tight she will have a hard time wrecking more.

Just a few things we’ve caught her doing this week:

- Scaling the side of her high chair.  As in…she climbed halfway up it.

- Climbing halfway up the baby gate (and falling…)

- Eating dog food.

- Playing in the dogs water

- Chewing the dogs toys (a theme, perhaps?)

- Chewing on power cords

- Almost pulling down the mirror that hangs above our bed on our heads one morning when we had both dozed off.  We have now learned that she can climb the head board to reach the mirror.

- Pressing all the buttons (and chewing on the knobs) of Grandma and Grandpa’s stereo and cable box.

Needless to say she is keeping us on our toes.  We plan to fasten as much furniture to the wall as possible to ensure her NOT pulling bookshelves down on herself.  I never thought I’d end up with such a mischievous child!


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  • Momista Beginnings Says:

    She sounds like Mia. Sorry to say that the sneaking of the dog food, the playing in the their water bowl and putting their toys in her mouth probably won’t end anytime soon. Mia is over 2 years old and she still sneaks all of those moves, even though she knows not to. Also add, putting her food on the ground so that she can eat it up like the dogs do. Never ending excitement. Lucy’s expression is perfect. She totally looks “busted”. I love your photography! Such a sweet picture. -Misty

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