a new season

On Saturday, I photographed my last wedding of the season.

No, not just of the wedding season, but for this season of my  life.

It’s been something I’ve been wrestling with for quite a bit since Lucy has been born.  Last fall when I was getting all my inquiries, I was also spending 99% of my time beside a hospital bed with my daughter.  To say I was distracted and uninterested in furthering my business was an understatement.  I did my best to respond to potential 2014 clients but in the end I only booked a meagre 3 weddings.  I never advertised, my page sat un-updated for quite a while, and I often was late in responding to inquiries.  I told Dave that I was done with the stress of the wedding industry and trying to compete in such a flooded market but he encouraged me to at least wait it out one season with Lucy to see how I could handle it.

In the end I decided it wasn’t fair to either my clients, or to Lucy to be doing both.  I feel like wedding photography is in a category of crazy that is so different from any other genre of photography.  People plan for two years ahead for a one day event, and it’s my job to make sure it looks like the most perfect day that ever happened.  No pressure, right?  I used to be able to deal with it, but since Lucy’s birth I found myself constantly anxious about things like “how will Lucy be the day of the wedding with someone else?” (she doesn’t eat for anyone but me generally), or “how the heck am I supposed to edit a cohesive wedding story if I can’t sit down at the computer for longer than an hour at a time?” (she doesn’t nap well…at all).

It’s been a difficult decision because I love being a wedding photographer.  I love capturing such an important day for people and telling their stories, and it’s always an honour to be trusted with such an important role.

I am not planning on closing my business though.  I have a vision for a style of more candid family photography in and around clients homes that I’m hoping to launch in fall.  I’ve always had the package for this on my website, but with no examples to go by it hasn’t been something that people have been able to see my vision.  This summer I will be working on getting that figured out.

I’m feeling very relaxed about this decision to bow out of the wedding industry.  I can’t wait to explore some new avenues of my photography business in the future.

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