bits + pieces – summer days

I haven’t done one of these posts for so long, and I just got a new camera this week so…obviously I had it with me all day long.  Here’s what a typical summer Thursday looks like for us.

(above: morning greeting from the cat)

She’d rather eat her fingers than the banana.

The ends of breakfast.

Closet reorganization during naps.

Chasing the cat.  All. Day. Long.

“Why won’t the kitty be my friend?!”  I know Lucy.  This has been my lifelong question as well.

…and yet, despite him running away she still went on looking for him.

An afternoon at grandma and grandpas.  Minnie is cheering on Lucy while she learns to walk.

This.  A free standing jolly jumper and a kiddie pool.  You guys, this girl has never been so happy.  We combined her two favourite things in the world.

Taking a break in the shade before heading back into the pool for round two.

This face.  I die.

A Thursday family dinner photo series wouldn’t be complete without an awkward eating photo of my nephew.

She thought she was too cool for a photo session.

Exhausted after a long afternoon playing.

He says he wants a kiddie pool at home, and if the neighbours wonder he will just tell them it’s for his niece (Lucy).

Still tired…but making smiles for Aunty Maria.

Picture of a picture…

Second wind…

 The “please take a picture of me with Lucy so we have proof that I was here too” picture.

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