Jul 11 2014

bits + pieces – summer days

I haven’t done one of these posts for so long, and I just got a new camera this week so…obviously I had it with me all day long.  Here’s what a typical summer Thursday looks like for us.

(above: morning greeting from the cat)

She’d rather eat her fingers than the banana.

The ends of breakfast.

Closet reorganization during naps.

Chasing the cat.  All. Day. Long.

“Why won’t the kitty be my friend?!”  I know Lucy.  This has been my lifelong question as well.

…and yet, despite him running away she still went on looking for him.

An afternoon at grandma and grandpas.  Minnie is cheering on Lucy while she learns to walk.

This.  A free standing jolly jumper and a kiddie pool.  You guys, this girl has never been so happy.  We combined her two favourite things in the world.

Taking a break in the shade before heading back into the pool for round two.

This face.  I die.

A Thursday family dinner photo series wouldn’t be complete without an awkward eating photo of my nephew.

She thought she was too cool for a photo session.

Exhausted after a long afternoon playing.

He says he wants a kiddie pool at home, and if the neighbours wonder he will just tell them it’s for his niece (Lucy).

Still tired…but making smiles for Aunty Maria.

Picture of a picture…

Second wind…

 The “please take a picture of me with Lucy so we have proof that I was here too” picture.


Jul 9 2014

28-52 bookworm

Project 52 week 28

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 28:  Bookworm

9.75 months old

Now that Lucy is crawling she is getting into EVERYTHING.  I still haven’t figured out how to keep her out of our bookshelf (we have a ton of books and not a lot of space) but she also has been interested in her own bookshelf for the first time.  It’s taking every ounce in me though to not take the books away when she gets a little rough with them.  I have to keep telling myself “Books are replaceable”.  We’ve always read to her, but it’s only now that I’m letting her explore the books totally on her own.

Yesterday we were looking at a book of baby animals and there was a puppy on a page.  I asked her “Where’s the puppy?” and she leaned in and gave the puppy a kiss (like she would with Minnie).  When I turned the page, (and there was no puppy) I asked her again “Where’s the puppy?”  She looked at the page and started to lean in, and then pulled back and looked at me confused.  I turned the page back to the puppy and said it again, and she kissed the puppy.  I wondered if it was a coincidence (and maybe it is…I don’t know) but we did it over and over with different animals and she only ever kissed the puppy.  Cute!


Jul 7 2014

{♥} inside our house: vintage high chair refurbish

Last week on Canada Day, Dave and I headed out to Granny and Grumpas (a local “antique barn”) in search of a high chair for Lucy.  Our house is very tiny, and so we like to be really intentional about the kinds of furniture that we use.  Baby furniture has a tendency to be clunky and mismatched, not to mention often cheap feeling (because it’s always plastic).

We came across this lovely high chair tucked away in a corner and smelling strongly of cat urine (yay!) but looking like it needed us.  I’ve done my share of reupholstering but using vinyl was new to me.  This also meant doing vinyl piping at the seams, which I’m also new to.  Dave and I are always ready for the challenge of renewing an old item though so we brought it home for $25.

Here’s the finished product!  I originally wanted to do it in a yellow, but couldn’t find the right kind of yellow.  I really wanted to stay true to the era though, so this sea foam green did just the trick.

We started by taking the entire chair apart and cleaning it all.  We used steel wool to clean up the chrome to make it shiny and new (in the pictures I forgot to wipe some sticky baby fingerprints off of it…oops!)

After it was all stripped of it’s original vinyl, I traced out the new pieces.  In total, I used 1.5m of vinyl to cover it, and 2m of vinyl piping for the edges.  We stapled the vinyl on, working from the centres to the corners making sure to keep it nice and tight.  When we got to the corners we stapled the center of the corner, then smoothed out the folds as much as possible while we stapled. After we stapled on the vinyl for the top of the seat and front of the back (?!) we stapled the vinyl piping on, making sure to keep it even and as close to the edge as possible.

For the back piece (below) we spray glued the vinyl to it.  When we folded over the edges, we made sure to notch out all the rounds to keep it smooth.  After that, we laid it on to the chair and hammered it on with the finishing tacks.  Not bad for our first vinyl reupholster!  We were really happy to save this piece, especially since it was made in Canada!

Scroll down for more pictures – no high chair post would be complete without pictures of a cute baby eating cheerios.

Oh, I should mention that we are planning on adding a seat belt.  This little girl likes to stand, and already has tried numerous times to stand in her chair. :S

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Jul 3 2014

27-52 mobility

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 27:  Mobility

9.5 months old

I wasn’t sure how long it would take Lucy to start crawling after the initial first few times, but she’s totally into it (and everything in our house) now. Since she was already pulling herself up on things and walking along furniture before she started crawling, this has opened up a whole new world for her.  We’re not entirely sure what to do with our books, as we have so many and there’s no other place to put them.  She has already claimed the bookshelf as a favourite place to play.

Question for those with babies past the crawling point–when they were learning, did they act frustrated the entire time (ie, crying while crawling) or is it just my intense baby?


Jul 2 2014

june in review.

I’ve come to discover (or maybe I’ve always known) that I am basically incapable of being consistent with blogging.  I really do love it, but I tend to forget that it exists and all of a sudden I realize I haven’t done anything except the weekly project 52 for a long time.  I won’t promise that will change.  But–I did put it in my calendar to do a monthly review at the end of each month (which…I’m late on…haha) and I do have some things I’d love to do but you know how it is.  Life happens.

So here’s June.  Mostly in iPhone pics.  I can’t believe it’s over!  Where the heck did it go??

(above: We had to lower the crib because this started happening.  She is SO determined!)

I don’t know how Lucy has gotten away with only getting swatted at ONCE by this cat.  Seriously…

We’ve been trying to get out of the house more on family outings.  We went to Fort Langley at the beginning of June and it was lovely!

She started sleeping on her stomach.  Scared the heebie jeebies out of me when it first happened (above) because she was asleep for over two hours which NEVER happens.  Now she has been sleeping so much better.

We started baby led weaning with Lucy.  She’s still not terribly interested, but for all her issues with food we think this is the safest way to introduce food to her without her hating it.  It’s a very slow process.

Our bedroom makeover (which started last summer long before Lucy was born) is 98% complete!  It only took a year…

This is his new spot to sleep.  We’ve been concerned about his health lately and the fact that he may not have as long of a life as we would like.  He just turned 9 this month.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get 9 more years…and he will just be a grumpy old man.

I’ve been sewing a lot more again.  I made this skirt one afternoon, and it’s a great piece for all year round.  But now my sewing machine has bit the dust…(well, it probably just needs to be serviced) so I’ve got to wait to finish all my projects.

I found a really exciting chair on craigslist for $20.  It needs love, but we’re good at that.  All the wood is getting sanded down and refinished, and I’m redoing the upholstery (to fix a terrible reupholster that probably happened in the 80′s).
Dave and I celebrated our 9th anniversary in June!  Crazy!  We went to see Bobby McFerrin at Orpheum during the Vancouver jazz festival.  My mind was officially blown.  Such an incredible concert (and makes me feel like I need to seriously brush up on my scatting).
Hope everyone had a fabulous June!  I’m looking forward to the warm weather in July, as well as a visit from my brother and his family from Montreal!