Aug 30 2014

35-52 I hear music!

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 35:  I hear music!

11.25 months old

Someone has discovered that if you press down the white things on this big piece of furniture, it makes sounds!  That says a lot about how much I’ve practiced since she was born, since she’s only just discovered that the piano makes noise.

It’s a good thing this has a lid on it, because I’m not too keen on listening to piano banging all day.


Aug 21 2014

34-52 Forest Baby

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 34:  Forest  Baby

11 months old

This past week we went camping with Lucy for the first time!  I’ll share more about it later, but here’s our weekly portrait.  Lucy loved to crawl around in the dirt and pick up all sorts of pine cones and leaves and rocks and inspect them (and put them in her mouth, of course)  Shortly after I took this picture I had to get lunch ready so I put her back in her play-pen and she sobbed.  She really was very content to just sit in the forest and look at pine cones.


Aug 16 2014

33-52 play time

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 33:  Play time

11 months old

Her toy corner is right next to my work area, so she plays happily while I get work done because I’m right next to her.  Lately she has been climbing into this basket (and getting stuck) and getting at the books that are purposely put in that corner because they have tearable pages.  I guess I’ll have to put them up higher.  Soon there will be nothing on any bottom shelves in our house…haha…

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Aug 14 2014

Product Review: First Baby Shoes

A while back I was contacted by “First Baby Shoes”, a Polish company, to review a pair of their baby shoes.  What’s unique about them, is that it’s a shoe making kit that they send you with all the materials and instructions!  I decided on the yellow “Karo” shoes, because I thought the colour would be nice in the autumn for Lucy.  One thing to note right off the bat– they are only made in one size.  They have picked the average size of foot for a baby who starts walking, which is 12cm long (I’ll talk more about this later).

The shoes arrived very fast!  I was surprised, considering how crummy Canada Post is.  Usually they end up losing my stuff or forgetting to tell me that it’s at the post office.  They are great that way.  But this isn’t about Canada Post.  I digress.

They came in a cute little box all perfectly packed with all the necessities.  I was pretty excited to start, but I had to wait for Lucy to go down for a nap before I could get anything done.  Once I started, I quickly realized (surprise surprise) that I’m terrible at reading instructions.  This was never my strong point in school…I learnt by doing, never by reading.  Thankfully, they have video tutorials on their website that show all the separate steps.  Those were lifesavers for me.  I’m pretty sure the shoes would have gotten sewn backwards if not for that.

The first shoe took me about 45 minutes to sew, but keep in mind I was also learning and following video instructions.  Once I figured it out, the second shoe only took me about 15 minutes to sew.

Below is the finished product!  Aren’t they flippin’ adorable?!

Here are a few things that I have to say about the shoes now:


1. The obvious: They are adorable.  The colour is perfect and the styling is classic but still unique.

2. The leather is very high quality and soft.

3. They have a nice rubber sole, so that when Lucy starts walking her feet will be protected.

4.  Also, there’s a padded insert for extra comfort.

5.  They were fun to make!  I would definitely recommend these to other crafty mamas.


1.  Poor Lucy has teeny feet.  These actually won’t fit her probably till late winter.  My face was very sad when I put the shoes on her feet and they just flopped off.  I kind of wish they had different sizes…at least 3 to cater to small babies, average babies, and big babies.

That’s about it!  I can’t wait till they fit Lucy and I will be sure to post a picture of her wearing them as soon as they fit.

Visit their website here for more information: “First Baby Shoes”

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Aug 11 2014

Monthly Prompt: Celebrate

**I am a part of a small blogger collective consisting of other mom bloggers and each month we are given a word “prompt” to write about.  This months prompt is “celebrate””**

I am not a party person.

Big groups make me nervous, and I don’t understand how to small talk.

I always said that when we would throw birthday parties for our kids, they would be small and intimate.  I would stick to the essentials.  Cake.  A few people.  Some presents.

But there’s another side of me that gets REALLY overly excited about planning parties.  Weird, I know.  I think I would prefer to plan parties and then never attend them.

So it was a few months ago when Dave and I started talking about Lucy’s first birthday and we wondered what it would look like.  We have a lot to celebrate considering the major hurtles we have overcome this past year.  There are many people to thank as well.  The more we talked, the more it seemed clear that we needed to throw a hefty sized celebration.  By hefty, I don’t mean 200 people…but it’s more than the approximately 10 people I would have liked to have.

We decided that since Lucy won’t remember really anything from her birthday party it would be more catered to adults.  You won’t find any “Frozen” themed anything at this party.  Just some nice desserts and a few pretty decorations.  Oh, and the cutest baby ever.  That’s a given though.

I debated whether I should share more pictures of what I’ve done so far, but I’d much prefer to share it all put together in context.  If you want to see some of my inspiration though, here’s the Pinterest Board of ideas that I’ve been putting together for the last few months.  “For a One Year Old”

Also, can I just add (for the umpteenth time) how I can’t believe that in 5 weeks I will have a one year old?  That doesn’t even make sense.

“Celebrate” is the August writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Nicole of Rose Runs Wild. A few words from Nicole — Hi! I’m Nicole from Rose Runs Wild! I’m mama to a teenager, wife to my handsome husband and dog mama to our bulldog and pit bull. I work full time and blog in my free time. I love wearing black and white, plants, doughnuts, crappy pop music and working on our home we just recently bought! My blog is basic, it’s just about our life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I try to share as honestly as I possibly can in hopes that one or two other people out there don’t feel so alone. Life is rough, life is beautiful and it’s all about connection through the highs and the lows. That’s all I’m really trying to do, connect and share. And take lots of cute photos of my son (in the rare moment he lets me) and my dogs of course! Connect with Nicole here: Instagram // Pinterest // Bloglovin // Twitter // Tumblr.

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