oh, deer lake.

We went camping!

Dave and I have always loved camping, and this year was our first chance to bring Lucy with too!  We are so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and to have our pick of amazing campgrounds right nearby.  I had never been to Deer Lake before, but it was close to Harrison (which was nice incase we needed anything, or wanted to go in to town for ice-cream-which we did!) When I booked it, the reservation map showed that it was almost completely empty and I liked that!  There’s nothing more annoying than being at a busy campground and having babies crying all through the night–something I didn’t really want to inflict on other people.

Originally, Dave and I had budgeted our summer vacation for a trip to go down to Seattle, but the more we thought about it, the more we were nervous about the logistics with a baby (who has too many feeding issues to list) and trying to plan days around that.  Spending time at a quiet campground seemed much more relaxing.  So we used some of the money that we set aside for hotels and food to buy ourselves a nice new tent (after all, our teeny pup-tent probably wouldn’t be too comfortable with a baby and a dog) and a few other camping accoutrements.

Lucy seemed to really enjoy herself, and loved to crawl through the dirt and pick up pinecones and leaves.  We were really relieved at how well she did.

A typical morning at Camp Rodda.

All of a sudden, Lucy decided that not all food was poison and did really well eating.  She at half a piece of bread for breakfast one morning which was pretty crazy!

Typical afternoons.  Note, the look on Minnie’s face.  She hated camping.  This is why she looks terrified in most of the pictures.  To add insult to injury, when we were walking through the campground, some doofus had two unleashed pit-bulls who charged at Minnie (she was leashed).  One had it’s mouth entirely around poor Minnie’s back, and the other was grabbing at her ears.  Dave was trying to get Minnie away, but he also had Lucy in the baby carrier and didn’t want to get too close.  The owner (who ran over almost right away and eventually got them off) said they were not being aggressive–but seriously guys. Seeing your dog in the mouth of a pit-bull is not pleasant.  Poor Minnie.

Case in point.

“Let’s please go home…please?”

We loved our new tent.  It was two rooms, that could be made in to one giant room, which we did.  It fit our play pen perfectly, and in the evenings when Lucy got kind of squirrelly just before bed we had a big quilt on the ground to let her bomb around and get some energy out.

The lake was lovely and quiet.  It looks like it was cold that week, but it was actually very hot and humid!  We just didn’t go in the lake because none of us felt like putting on our bathing suits.  Haha…

Lot’s of games were played.  Dave totally schooled me at risk, but in my defence, I have only ever played it once before this time.  I beat him at Skip-bo though, so it was ok.

And lastly…because Dave said no one would believe us if we didn’t take a picture…I did indeed make eggs Benedict from scratch on a camp stove.  And yes, they turned out lovely, thank-you very much.
I also did a lot of video and if I’m diligent enough, you may see some highlights soon!
 See our pictures from our 2012 camping trip here (we didn’t go last year because I was gigantically pregnant and not in the mood to sleep outside!)

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  • Eliza Says:

    I have never once in my LIFE enjoyed camping pictures as much as these!! And I am a lover of camping + all things camping related. Stunning!! Thanks so much for sharing these – it looks like your trip was an absolute dream. xo!

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