40-52 bedtime routines

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 40:  Bedtime Routines

12.5 months

We have been absolutely horrible at bedtime routines with Lucy.  I attribute that to the first 6 months being so uncertain, that it was really difficult to establish routine.  Lately I’ve been trying to work on that though.  She doesn’t get the fuzzy robe and slippers after every bath (because it’s just an extra step that we don’t need) but every now and then it’s fun to cozy up in them.  She was very fascinated by the slippers and preferred to hold them rather than have them on her feet.  Babies in bathrobes are just the cutest, am I right?

Oh, and how is it possible that there are only 12 weeks left of the year?  I have yet to do my October review because we’ve had quite a busy week.  October has really snuck up on me!  I can’t believe it’s my birthday next weekend and I haven’t been annoying the whole family about it for weeks already!  What is wrong with me?!

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