44-52 Happy Halloween!

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 44:  Happy Halloween!

13.5 months

I was just about to post a different picture this morning when I realized that it was halloween and maybe I should do something a bit more themed.  I had not planned to do anything because, well, she doesn’t really care so why bother?  But when I had some extra time this morning I thought “Maybe I should just make some critter ears for her…” and then that turned into making her a whole mouse costume.  I made the sweatshirt too because I had the fleece and didn’t want to wreck a sweatshirt she had already.  She wasn’t too pleased about the makeup and I had to distract her with a toy while I quickly drew it on.

We just went to grandparents and then one of my brothers house before she melted down and we had to go home.  She was a sad mouse.

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  • erica @ that wild road Says:

    that costume is totally adorable. we didn’t do anything, really, for halloween, living as we do in a country that doesn’t celebrate it. but maybe next year, if I develop crafting skills (or ambition???) i’ll remember this costume? i really love it!

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