Project 52 Favourites

This past year I’ve been doing Project 52 alongside Jodi of Practicing Simplicity.  I’ve really loved the challenge of photographing Lucy every week and trying to keep things fresh and interesting–which isn’t always easy with a baby when sometimes all they do is sleep!  This is definitely a project I would recommend any new parent doing for at least the “first year” even if you aren’t a photographer.  Having so many memories of the everyday, as well as milestones is so important to me!  These are just a few of my favourite photos from the past year.  The top one was taken New Years Day, just before we ended up back in the Hospital with Lucy.  She was in quite a good mood, despite the fact that we couldn’t get her to eat almost anything!

I love this expression on her face. At this age, she was so easy to get reactions from.  She loved to hang out in her bumbo chair while I would do housework.

One of my favourites of Lucy, for a few reasons: She was being extra silly when I did this photo (along with others) and was making funny sounds.  It really shows off her goofy personality. This was also just after her cardiologist told us that she was officially a “normal” baby.  She had had her bandages from heart surgery off for a few weeks, was weaned off the feeding tube and things were looking up.

Minnie + Lucy.  Enough said.

Lucy’s love for water really started during this trip to Harrison Hot Springs.  She could have stayed in all day!

…and speaking of water, the Jolly Jumper in the pool was pretty much the highlight of the summer.

Her first camping trip, where she sat in the dirt and ate pinecones.

First Birthday!  She hated the cake, and didn’t like her hands getting dirty.

Can you tell that Lucy loves the water?  Bath time is her favourite.

Our sad little mouse on Halloween.  We didn’t do much–in fact, I made the costume that afternoon while she napped because I felt bad for not doing anything.  We went to grandparents and aunts and uncles places to say “hi” and she was pretty grumpy for most of it.

One of my most favourite pictures of all time of her.  She really loves the Christmas tree and seems to have no problem walking unassisted when it means she gets to reach for ornaments (but try to get her to walk on her own any other time and she crumples to the ground).

I’ll probably end up doing project 52 for 2015, but I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing it on the blog or not.  As I’ve mentioned before, we are making an effort to unplug more. I’m not sure exactly how that will translate for the blog though.

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