Jan 29 2015


05/52 – She has figured out how to get to the computer.  A few days ago, I left our office for a couple minutes to get something when I heard the familiar Mac “bonk” sound (when you are trying to do something that isn’t working).  I walked in on Lucy, one hand on the mouse, one hand on the keyboard (and a perfect beam of light on her) looking like she was right at home. “Hey Mom, I was just finishing an email.  Can you give me a minute?”


Jan 22 2015


04/52 – Showing me her bellybutton. 

…and a bonus, because look at that beauty!  Her new bedroom was my childhood bedroom.  The room had been painted once since I had been in there, but the closet remained the original colour.  When I was painting the room before we moved in, it was bittersweet painting over the bright sea foam green that I chose as a young girl.  I never would have thought that one day my daughter would be sleeping in the very spot my bed was as a girl.


Jan 15 2015


A few months ago I was contacted by a company called “eShakti” to try out one of their dresses and write about my experience with them.  eShakti is a unique clothing site that offers beautiful clothes with completely customizable sizes, and options (adding sleeves, pockets, changing necklines, etc.)  They have sizes from 0-36W, which is pretty awesome.  I was pretty excited when I read about what they did, and was even more excited when I saw the dresses.  When I did this, it was just before Thanksgiving and so I picked a very Autumn-y type dress (and I REALLY should have blogged it then…sorry!)  When the dress came I was so impressed with the quality, as well as the fit.  My only complaint is my own fault and that is that I changed the hemline from the default (because I usually find most dresses too short) but it ended up being a touch too long.  Because the dress is finished off so beautifully (fully lined!) it’s not an easy task to take the hemline up a bit.  Anyway.  What I LOVED about the website is that I can customize a dress to my measurements exactly.  I purposefully picked a more fitted dress because that is the kind of dress that I can never seem to find just off the rack.  Usually anything that fits the hips is gigantic everywhere else.

They offer amazing sales, and had I been a responsible blogger, you could could have taken advantage of a coupon code they gave me…that expired at the end of the year.  Oops.  BUT…the sales are fantastic.  And the non-sale prices are really great too.

I was so impressed with the company, I just ordered my second dress (like this one, but it’s navy with white trim) a week ago and it’s due to come any day now.  Honestly, there are so many cute dresses that it will be difficult to not order a whole boatload of dresses.  Like I need it…


Jan 14 2015


03/52 She has a penchant for being in boxes.  This time she was playing peek-a-boo with my mom as she was unpacking boxes in their spare bedroom.

We are finally getting a little more settled in with my parents.  Lucy’s room is now finished, but we are still waiting for our living room /office space to be finished off so we can move the rest of our furniture over.  That can’t come soon enough.  I am so ready to be rid of our rental suite forever and ever amen.

PS: I wish I could say that I have other posts planned that aren’t the 52 Project, but the truth is…this is the best I can do right now.  I have an outfit post from a wonderful company that I’ve been meaning to post since November but, of course, our lives have been a little more than crazy since then.  Maybe I’ll be inspired to share more than just Lucy’s weekly photos…haha…


Jan 8 2015


2/52 – So much joy as she crawls around under the sheets while I try to make the bed every morning.

What a difference from this years second week of the project to last years second week.  I remember when I took last years picture for the second week I was so upset about the fact that her portrait was in the hospital.  It wasn’t what I had imagined for my weekly portraits.

It was hard to imagine at that point what a year could bring.  I love that exactly a year from that sad hospital picture, here Lucy is: thriving and joyful!