05/52 – She has figured out how to get to the computer.  A few days ago, I left our office for a couple minutes to get something when I heard the familiar Mac “bonk” sound (when you are trying to do something that isn’t working).  I walked in on Lucy, one hand on the mouse, one hand on the keyboard (and a perfect beam of light on her) looking like she was right at home. “Hey Mom, I was just finishing an email.  Can you give me a minute?”

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  • Nasreen Says:

    I wonder what was in that email…? What a fortuitous beam of light, lovely.

  • emma cavill Says:

    Great capture! The light is awesome, and her expression priceless :) #52project

  • Week in Pictures Says:

    [...] Friday, February 6, 2015 Last week alternated with warm and chilly days as you can tell from the pictures. One minute we were in bikinis, the next in hoodies. No matter, though. We’ll make it outside. My favorite portrait from last week’s collection on Joid’s blog was definitely the one of baby Mia in front of a dreamy backdrop. Well, I guess she’s not a baby anymore but I feel like I’ve known her since she was one! Hah. I also adore Courteney’s use of light in this photo. [...]

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