Feb 26 2015


09-52  Three things I love about this picture:  One, the obvious: her adorable little pucker, giving me an air kiss.  Two, the belly button peeking out. And three, my old Rainbow Brite sheets that were mine as a little girl.  The pillow case with the sheet set is so faded (because I loved it so much) so I’m thinking I might make Lucy a pillow case from the sheets if I can dare cut them.  Or maybe I’ll be able to find a pillow case in better condition and keep these sheets as they are.

We are dealing with the stomach flu again in our house this week.  Poor little munchkin was actually pretty miserable before and after this picture.  You’d never know though!

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Feb 19 2015


08-52 – This week we’ve been experiencing a small taste of what is perhaps to come in the terrible two’s.  Lucy has never been one to throw fits, but all of a sudden every little thing is making her a tiny ball of fury.  She’s done everything from angry biting to flat out screaming on the floor and banging her head.  She’s got a fierce side, that’s for sure.  This shot was three seconds away from a tantrum, when she tried to pull her heart pillow out of the crib through the bars.

Probably one of the funniest tantrums to watch (is that mean?) was when she was holding her baby doll and trying to stand up.  The baby bumped something and in turn, bumped Lucy and knocked her over.  She bit the babies face, threw it across the room and laid down on the ground and screamed.  Fun times!


Feb 13 2015


07/52 – I was panicking a little today when I realized it was almost Saturday and I thought I hadn’t done any pictures at all this week for the project.  I quickly scanned through my lightroom folders though, and found this one – taken the same day as a session I had, so it got lost in the shuffle.  I could probably do a whole album of just bathtub pictures, because -man oh man- does this girl find joy at bath time!  I can’t help myself; she’s just too funny to not take pictures of.  This particular time she was so excited when I would dump water out slowly from a plastic container.  She would clap her hands, and try to catch it.  It usually just made it splash in her face, but she was not deterred!


Feb 4 2015


06/52 – We’ve had a rough week over here.  Lucy got the stomach flu and I’ve never seen her so sick.  We ended up in Emergency last night because she had barely taken any liquids in, and what she had, came straight out.  Considering all her other health issues we played it safe and took her in to be checked out by the doctors.  It’s pretty easy for little ones to become really dehydrated and with her refusing even water I couldn’t take that risk.  This morning she was still in pretty rough shape, albeit not puking so we’re hoping she will be back to her talkative self in no time.

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