06/52 – We’ve had a rough week over here.  Lucy got the stomach flu and I’ve never seen her so sick.  We ended up in Emergency last night because she had barely taken any liquids in, and what she had, came straight out.  Considering all her other health issues we played it safe and took her in to be checked out by the doctors.  It’s pretty easy for little ones to become really dehydrated and with her refusing even water I couldn’t take that risk.  This morning she was still in pretty rough shape, albeit not puking so we’re hoping she will be back to her talkative self in no time.

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  • erica @ that wild road Says:

    oh no! poor sweet girl! isn’t it terrifying when our babies get sick? especially once they have been really sick in the hospital. my baby was hospitalised twice (and for things much more minor than yours!) and it freeeeeeeaaaaks me the freak out whenever he has so much as a sniffle. anyway, glad you followed your instincts and got her some fluids. hope she’s feeling better.

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