Mar 28 2015


13-52  The day has finally come.  This little lady has finally, FINALLY decided to start walking.  We thought so long ago that she’d be an early walker.  At about 7 months she was pulling herself up to standing position and walking along the furniture.  Fast forward ELEVEN months later and at 18 months she’s finally decided to let go of the furniture.  We were at a friends place on Monday when Lucy obviously noticed that their boy (who is a few months younger than Lucy) was walking around.  She started following him, using a toy as a cane…and then all of a sudden she just started walking and hasn’t stopped.  We call her a drunk little T-Rex because she totters around with her hands held up (like in the above picture).  This was taken on Tuesday, and already she’s gotten SO good in just a few short days.  It’s so much fun!


Mar 18 2015


12-52  Every morning when I get ready, Lucy sits on the counter and brushes her teeth (and “combs her hair”).  This particular morning she decided to have a conversation with (and give kisses to) the other little girl on the other side of the mirror.  She thought the other little girl was pretty funny, and I don’t blame her!


Mar 13 2015


11-52  Lately (finally) Lucy has been obsessing about walking everywhere.  About two weeks ago, we made the decision to stop picking her up and carrying her every time she asks (which is all the time…) The fact that she is still so tiny made it easy to just grab her and go where she wanted, but I was feeling like it was stopping her from attempting to walk.  She had numerous fits and tantrums, but eventually she started grabbing my hand when I would offer it to walk her to where she wanted to go (side note: it was so frustrating, because, um…she could still crawl! So why did I have to carry her everywhere?)  She’s still only taking about 4 steps on her own at a time, but I think she could do more if she was willing.  The problem now is that she throws tantrums when we don’t walk with her to where she wants to go (which is almost always outside).

She’s a girl on a mission.


Mar 5 2015


10-52  I gave her a chocolate cookie this week for a snack (something that I’ve never done before).  While she was eating it, the cat came into the room and watched her.  Now lately, every question I ask her, she answers with a very emphatic “no!”  This particular day, I said to her “Lucy!  You’re eating a cookie, and the cat is watching you!  Could your day get any better?” To which she replied “No!!” (with a big grin)

Cookies and cats, folks.  Not much else tops her list.