13-52  The day has finally come.  This little lady has finally, FINALLY decided to start walking.  We thought so long ago that she’d be an early walker.  At about 7 months she was pulling herself up to standing position and walking along the furniture.  Fast forward ELEVEN months later and at 18 months she’s finally decided to let go of the furniture.  We were at a friends place on Monday when Lucy obviously noticed that their boy (who is a few months younger than Lucy) was walking around.  She started following him, using a toy as a cane…and then all of a sudden she just started walking and hasn’t stopped.  We call her a drunk little T-Rex because she totters around with her hands held up (like in the above picture).  This was taken on Tuesday, and already she’s gotten SO good in just a few short days.  It’s so much fun!

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  • jandi Says:

    too adorable! seeing another child walk definitely helps… I have twins so that helped… x

  • Momista Beginnings Says:

    Yay! Such a fun (and tiring) milestone! It’s amazing to watch this new skill unravel and improve….but a pain to have to now follow them around wherever they go at just a few feet behind. Congrats, Lucy! She’s such a cutie :) -Misty

  • Carie Says:

    Oh WOW! Now that is a milestone moment this week – well done Miss Lucy! I thought my Elma was going to walk sooner than her sister had because she did everything else sooner but she was another one that was in no hurry – in the end she started walking because Kitty was sat across the room eating crisps and she wanted some!!

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