Apr 24 2015


17-52  I had a hard time deciding between these two pictures.  We’ve had such glorious weather for the past little while (although, as I speak it’s pouring down rain).  This particular day, Lucy had been outside playing all day (from first thing in the morning; it was SO warm!) and by the end of the day she was so dirty/wet (from dumping water on herself) I just stripped her down to a diaper and let her play.  She thought it was the funniest thing ever, and I couldn’t agree more!  A sign of a good spring/summer day is when you actually HAVE to have a bath before bed.  What fun!



Apr 17 2015


16-52  I made Lucy an adorable kimono style jacket and tried photographing her in it this week.  Wouldn’t you know it, 1.5 year olds don’t stat still long enough to take pictures!  It’s hard to tell in this shot, but it’s longer in the back.  I plan on putting a little tie in the front because it kept sliding off her shoulders.

Also…I may or may not have made a matching one for myself.  I don’t plan on wearing it at the same time though.  Pretty sure that crosses a line…haha.

I’m aware that this blog has been pretty sparse lately with the exception of the 52 Project.  We are just at the tail end of our house hunting process.  I’ll be sharing about that in due time, but for now we are very much in limbo so blogging has taken a backseat.

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Apr 10 2015


15-52 I was so excited that Lucy started walking before Easter, because I so badly wanted to have her do a little Easter Egg hunt.  She ended up totally not getting the point and just rearranged the candy in the yard–but she looked darn cute doing it!

I considered buying a special Easter dress, but in the end I decided that buying something that she would wear more often was the best route.  I found this cotton eyelet dress at the thrift store for $3 and it will be great all summer long.  Admittedly, I did buy the cardigan new, but she will wear that little thing all the time (and seriously, neon peach with gold buttons?  I can’t even.)  She’s wearing an adult headband I bought for her last year and resized.  Shopping for a little girl is SO much fun, but what’e even more fun is being creative with what we have and mixing and matching.

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Apr 4 2015


14-52 Saturday mornings I have choir practice, so Dave gets up with Lucy.  Since being at my parents house (and with them having a TV) they have been watching Teletoon Retro (in this case, it was Scooby Doo).  I’m not sure what she’s going to do when we are out of my parents house because we don’t plan on getting a TV for a while!  Poor child…haha.

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