15-52 I was so excited that Lucy started walking before Easter, because I so badly wanted to have her do a little Easter Egg hunt.  She ended up totally not getting the point and just rearranged the candy in the yard–but she looked darn cute doing it!

I considered buying a special Easter dress, but in the end I decided that buying something that she would wear more often was the best route.  I found this cotton eyelet dress at the thrift store for $3 and it will be great all summer long.  Admittedly, I did buy the cardigan new, but she will wear that little thing all the time (and seriously, neon peach with gold buttons?  I can’t even.)  She’s wearing an adult headband I bought for her last year and resized.  Shopping for a little girl is SO much fun, but what’e even more fun is being creative with what we have and mixing and matching.

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