May 21 2015


21-52  We’ve been in Montreal for the last few days (and will be for two weeks total) visiting my brother and his family.  This morning Lucy got to take a bath in the loveliest white claw foot tub, which of course made for some fun photos.  I’m pretty sure she was shouting at me here because I told her to sit back down and stop pacing in the bathtub.


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May 16 2015


20-52  Nothing fancy this week, but it feels like it represents Lucy’s week pretty well.  We’ve been swamped with renos at our new house and consequently Lucy has been spending a lot more time watching TV at my parents, or movies on the laptop over at the new house .  Here she is actually watching Care Bears (the old version) which has been a staple lately.  She has a growing collection of Care Bears that I’ve found from Etsy or the thrift stores and she asks for them regularly (“Cah-Bo?”)  She loves to snuggle with them at night and it’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…

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May 8 2015


19-52 The weather is picking up again and so today we decided to get the sprinkler out and play.  Lucy was a little unsure at first, but after a while she kept running to it, splashing around and running away giggling.  She’s such a water baby that I’m sure the sprinkler will be a favourite summer activity for her.


May 2 2015


18-52  I hadn’t taken any photos this week, and by today (saturday) I thought “Oh well, I’ll just snap something quick for the weekly photo.”  Next thing I know, Lucy had gotten her purse and toy phone and was having a fake conversation while getting out her shoes. Lately she has been doing this lots, while also getting someone’s keys and standing at the door saying “Bye!!”  I love when she pretends to talk on a phone though (which, in her case, anything that is rectangle is a phone).  She walks around going “Heh-yo? Heh-yo-oh??”

Also, she would want me to note her new “neckay” (necklace) that she got this week (and is very proud of).  She’s been asking for about a month to wear my necklace and I decided to get her one of her own.  She picked this one out, after of course grabbing all the necklaces at the store and asking for them.