23-52  This weeks photo should be titled “How to keep a toddler busy while unpacking an entire house”.

We have finally moved into our FIRST home!  It’s been crazy, to say the least.  You may remember that we were, only last week, in Montreal visiting my brother (a working vacation for Dave, who helped my brother with renovations of his own).  We had one week from when we got back to pack up everything that we hadn’t gotten to, and finish as much of the renovations as we could.

Unpacking with a toddler is just about as fun as gouging your eyeballs out.  Thankfully, the crib worked as a “cage” for about an hour as I organized her room.  Every box that I unpacked had a number of things she wanted, thus the crib ended up piled high.  Hey, she was happy!

We are still in the middle of a construction zone, on top of being half unpacked.  Our bathroom is not totally finished, we have no closet doors, and our kitchen cabinet doors are still out at the paint shop.  It makes it challenging with a very curious little girl who wants to touch everything.  Such is life.  Hopefully we will be able to sit back and breath a sigh of relief…soon…

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