25-52 A backyard worthy of toddler exploration.  We are so happy with the yard at our new place.  It’s huge and needs a TON of work, but it will be great when it’s done.  This particular spot is going to have a little playhouse nestled in to it.  We moved the playhouse from my parents old house, but have yet to place it.  Lucy asks first thing in the morning every morning to go “ow-side”, and then gets her shoes and fusses before I’ve even taken my PJ’s off.  I’d say she’s pretty happy with the yard too.

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  • Momista Beginnings Says:

    Amazing shot. Such a great contrast between her and her surroundings. Mia ALWAYS wants to go outside, too. Looking forward to seeing your playhouse. I’d love one for Mia. One day, maybe :) -Misty

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