Jul 31 2015


31-52  Just when I thought I wouldn’t have much to share for this week…

I had just gotten back from town with Lucy where I picked up this plastic container and some dollar store toys to make a DIY water table for her.  I figured I might as well fill it with some water in the mean time before we get a stand built.  Lucy started playing with it right away and so Dave and I got lunch ready while she played.  She was running back and forth mooching food from us and then all of a sudden I heard her calling out from the deck for food.  When I came out, I found her like this, sitting right in the little plastic container and dumping water on herself!  She was so pleased with herself.  After I took off her (VERY soggy) diaper and dried her off we went in to get ready for a nap, and as soon as I put her down she ran back outside and sat down in the water again.  This kid LOVES the water.  Look at that joy!

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Jul 25 2015


30-52  I feel like this picture to other people may not really be that interesting, but here is my little girl watching intently as the leaders of our church soccer camp led music for the day.  I had gone there a few days to take photos of the soccer camp, and so Lucy spent time in the preschool class.  She’s not terribly social so I’m always curious to see how she responds in situations like this.  But I loved seeing her pay attention to the music.  She clearly was trying to figure out what was going on (and why all these kids were singing and dancing together).  It was really sweet!


Jul 17 2015


29-52  This is the face of an almost 2 year old who is making her mommy (and daddy) work a little extra hard these days.  I guess it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a toddler.  Just run of the mill selective-hearing/pushing-boundaries/early-morning-rising/loads-of-energy sorts of things.  This particular evening she got an early bath/bedtime.  One of those days.



Jul 9 2015


28-52  Having a dance party (with the music in her head, obviously) before bedtime.

A quick story unrelated to the picture:  Toddlers are so funny.  Lucy NEVER gives an affirmative answer (“yes”, or “yup” or “yeah”) she just grunts.  We’ve been trying to get her to say “Yes” for SO long, but she refuses.  About half an hour before this picture was taken, I was changing her for bed.  She kept yanking the curtains and I kept telling her no, which she thought was hilarious.  Once I got a diaper on her, I picked her up and asked her “Are you supposed to touch the curtains?”

She grunted.

I said again, “Did I say you could touch the curtains?”


“Are you allowed to touch the curtains?”



“No, Lucy.  You are not allowed to touch the curtains.  No.”

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, curtains.”

“No touching the curtains.”

“Yes, curtains.”

How can I not laugh at that?  It was infuriating and hilarious all at the same time.  Of course, the first time she says “yes” is when she is being obstinate.



Jul 2 2015


27-52  An afternoon of gardening, and a toddler kept busy by a popsicle (“popa-co!”).  Afterwards she went and played in the dirt, making her a sticky, dirty, sweaty mess.  Oh, summer!

Our new yard has a ton of work to be done, and we just started ripping out all the overgrown bushes that were never taken care of.  It looks like a mess now, but at least the neighbours know we aren’t just leaving the yard as it was!