28-52  Having a dance party (with the music in her head, obviously) before bedtime.

A quick story unrelated to the picture:  Toddlers are so funny.  Lucy NEVER gives an affirmative answer (“yes”, or “yup” or “yeah”) she just grunts.  We’ve been trying to get her to say “Yes” for SO long, but she refuses.  About half an hour before this picture was taken, I was changing her for bed.  She kept yanking the curtains and I kept telling her no, which she thought was hilarious.  Once I got a diaper on her, I picked her up and asked her “Are you supposed to touch the curtains?”

She grunted.

I said again, “Did I say you could touch the curtains?”


“Are you allowed to touch the curtains?”



“No, Lucy.  You are not allowed to touch the curtains.  No.”

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, curtains.”

“No touching the curtains.”

“Yes, curtains.”

How can I not laugh at that?  It was infuriating and hilarious all at the same time.  Of course, the first time she says “yes” is when she is being obstinate.


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