31-52  Just when I thought I wouldn’t have much to share for this week…

I had just gotten back from town with Lucy where I picked up this plastic container and some dollar store toys to make a DIY water table for her.  I figured I might as well fill it with some water in the mean time before we get a stand built.  Lucy started playing with it right away and so Dave and I got lunch ready while she played.  She was running back and forth mooching food from us and then all of a sudden I heard her calling out from the deck for food.  When I came out, I found her like this, sitting right in the little plastic container and dumping water on herself!  She was so pleased with herself.  After I took off her (VERY soggy) diaper and dried her off we went in to get ready for a nap, and as soon as I put her down she ran back outside and sat down in the water again.  This kid LOVES the water.  Look at that joy!

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