Sep 24 2015


39-52  We’ve had some lovely fall days here lately (surprisingly!)  Usually September is still pretty hot, but thankfully, after a crazy summer the temperatures dropped pretty quickly.  Today Lucy had a bit of a cold, but we still like to go outside for a tiny bit every day so it was a perfect day for her scarf and hat (which she loves to wear).

It’s hard to believe that it is almost October!  Where did this year go?  Time flies when you are running after a toddler, and buying and renovating a house.  Ha!

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Sep 19 2015


38-52  We celebrated this beautiful little girls 2nd birthday this weekend!  She was so excited for her birthday party and had so much fun!  She picked out party hats (no joke, she saw them in the store and called them by name–when did she learn what a party hat was?) And she even wore her hat!  None of the other kids did of course, because they are normal. Ha!  When we sang “happy birthday” to her, she just beamed, and loved the whole thing.  Also, she knew to wait till the end of the song to blow out the candle, which was adorable.

I decorated a bit with all the colours of the rainbow, and also lots of balloons (because they are Lucy’s favourite).  Her birthday cake was funfetti (homemade, never a box!) and we had sugar cookies (thanks to my mom) and rainbow bars (fruit-loop cereal bars with marshmallow) The cupcakes were the same batter as the cake.  Of course there was fruit, which Lucy asked for but didn’t touch (because it’s vegetation!)  I was in such a rush to finish things though, I only snapped a couple pictures of the decor (and then my brother took some during the party for me).

Remember last years birthday?  Where she was afraid to touch the icing?  Yeah.  That’s changed. (It’s all she ate off the cupcake!)

She got a lot of wonderful presents from all her friends and family.  Here she is holding a wand, which the first thing she said when she saw it was “It’s like a princess!” And for reals people, I have NEVER heard her say “princess” or talk about princesses.  The only disney movie she’s watched is “Nemo”.  Somewhere she heard that though.  What a sponge!

Here’s a link to last years birthday party extravaganza!  

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Sep 11 2015


37 – 52  This was captured because I don’t want to ever forget how every morning she insists on wearing her bathrobe with the hood up.  Even while she eats her bib gets tucked in behind the hood and she gets mad when the hood falls off.  Also, this face is her “ninja face” (I have no idea why this is a ninja face, but 2 years olds seem to live in their own special world).


Sep 5 2015


36-52 “Jump on du cooouuuccch??”

I love how she asks permission to do things like this.  Pretty sure it won’t last long, but I think it’s cute now.

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