37 – 52  This was captured because I don’t want to ever forget how every morning she insists on wearing her bathrobe with the hood up.  Even while she eats her bib gets tucked in behind the hood and she gets mad when the hood falls off.  Also, this face is her “ninja face” (I have no idea why this is a ninja face, but 2 years olds seem to live in their own special world).

2 Responses to “37-52”

  • Carie Says:

    aww she’s so cute! And I love the hood up look, it’s amazing how insistent such tiny people can be

  • Brandi Says:

    This is a sweet shot! Mine won’t keep his hood up! It’s been an interesting transition to (sometimes) cooler weather, and my little one trying to tear all his clothes off. Kids and their personalities… :)

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