Oct 30 2015


We are getting ready for Halloween over here!  Normally I wouldn’t wear a costume…but Baby #2 insisted on it.  (incidentally, Lucy insisted on NOT wearing her costume.  She was bribed with chocolate milk to keep it on.) 

Super excited to be expecting baby two!  I am due sometime around the end of April beginning of May.  Although we know from experience (*ahem…Lucy*) that babies never show up when you expect.



Oct 25 2015


43-52  Two things about this picture: 1) This is the face that I get for every photo now.  This is how she smiles.  And 2). I love how you can spend so much time and money trying to get the toys that you think your child will love the best, and a hunk of styrofoam ends up being the best thing ever.  She says she’s swimming.


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Oct 14 2015


42-52  Sometimes you go outside thinking “I’m going to take some cute candid pictures playing in the leaves”  And then your 2 year old doesn’t really understand how much fun it is to throw leaves and you think “Dangit.  Oh well, there goes that idea.”  And then she sits down and does, quite possibly, the cutest face you’ve ever seen.  Here’s to a change in plans, and goofy grins to go with them.


Oct 10 2015


41-52  ”I want duh sooder.”

Let’s just say soother weaning is not going so well…

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Oct 1 2015


40-52  We went apple picking today with friends and had such a lovely morning!  Lucy wanted to help and was very proud of the apple she picked.  We also picked out some pumpkins for the front step and had an apple cider slushie (it got pretty warm close to lunch!)

Also…12 weeks left of this year.  What??

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