48-52  This weekend was spent getting our Christmas tree! There were a few other pictures from this day that were more interesting or framed better…but this is the one that stood out.  This (and other variations of this) is her “smile” face.  She reminds me a bit of Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes) and the many trials his father had trying to take nice smiling pictures.

On another note, the last week and a half we’ve seen a HUGE turn in her health and she has hardly puked at all.  Honestly, nothing has changed which is good and bad.  Good, because all the foods we thought she might have an issue with (eggs, dairy) are not affecting her at all.  Bad, because we still don’t know what the variable is.  There is a very good possibility that the puking will flare up again, but right now we are relishing the puke free days (and hoping it stays this way for Christmas!)

She also had her yearly cardiology check-up and was such a rock star.  While other kids screamed and the doctors couldn’t complete tests, Lucy laid on the bed and chatted with the technician who was performing her echocardiogram like it was no big deal.  She also told the tech that she wanted a “Blue Puppy Pocket” for Christmas.  Um…what?  Does anyone know what that is?

She’s such a gem, and I love how she charms and surprises (in a good way) all the doctors and specialists who work with her.

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