Nov 1 2015

//12 weeks//

…and this, my friends, is why I’ve been wearing loose tops for the last two months.

This was taken two weeks ago (I am 14 weeks now).  It’s crazy how quickly your body remembers how to…become huge.  People always told me you started showing earlier with consequent pregnancies, but dang!  This is the same size as I was with Lucy at 16 weeks.  Yikes.

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Nov 1 2015


44-52  It’s a bit a miracle that we got this picture, I think.  The day before we tried on the owl costume and she HATED it.  Ripped it off.  I kept talking about it though, and on Halloween she agreed to wear it.  I think at this point she had even (maybe?) forgotten that it was on?

We had planned to go Trick-Or-Treating in our neighbourhood a bit after we visited family but by the time we got home it was bedtime and there were almost NO lights on in the houses on our street!  We figured she wouldn’t care either way (she can’t really eat most of the candy anyway because of her health).  She practiced saying “Trick or Treat!” and kept asking when she could say it, but of course as soon as we arrived at family members houses, she just walked right in and made herself comfortable.

Below is her with Elmo, the “Bat Beagle” (my brothers dog).  He’s one of her favourite creatures!