Apr 5 2016

36 weeks

36 weeks.

Two weeks past when I had Lucy, and baby is still cooking.  It’s crazy to think that at this point with Lucy, she was born, had been transferred to a new hospital, had one surgery and was only just starting tube feeds.

The last few weeks have been pretty wearing.  Easter is always a busy time for Pastors (and their wives!) but add in to that a toddler with health problems, a renovation and a pregnancy (that is technically considered high risk and has been highly monitored) and we are t-i-r-e-d.  March had 11 (ELEVEN) doctors appointments between me and Lucy.  The good news is that the Easter craziness is over, our renovations are getting close to being complete (or at least, close to us being able to switch all the bedrooms around which is what matters right now), Lucy has a diagnosis with her health problems (more on that later), and baby is healthy and still in my tummy (though it feels like both my hips are dislocated at this point).

So far, April only has 6 doctors appointments, but at the end of the month there is a due date!  I have a feeling it will be the slowest/quickest month ever.  If that even makes sense.

We still don’t really have anything ready for babies room.  I painted a picture and made some change pad covers…today I will paint Lucy’s old dresser.  But he still doesn’t have a bedroom!  Perhaps by next week.  Late next week. Perhaps….maybe.