May 1 2016

40 weeks.

40 weeks.

Ok.  We’re here.  Now it’s time to get this whole pregnancy thing over with and have a baby.  The above face is my “I-haven’t-slept-in-way-too-long-and-everything-hurts” face.  Yesterday was technically my due date, and while I know they really mean nothing it still just hurts the brain to still be pregnant after the due date.  Today I sent Lucy to church with my parents, and skipped out of my church to avoid the pity stares/questions.  I’m also trying to not feel sorry for myself over the fact that in a few hours all the pastors and their spouses from our church (along with all the BCMB conference pastors) are going on the annual weekend away at a beautiful hotel in Whistler (that Dave and I would normally be at as well) and I’m sitting at home having false labor that’s not sending me anywhere.

Can you tell I’m grouchy?

Let’s get this party started, y’all.  Seriously.