//I wrote this about a month ago, but apparently having a newborn means I forget to publish things.//

I can’t really believe how fast this year is flying by.

Today I had my final midwife appointment (with the best midwife EVER. I’m a little sad about no more appointments!) and Sam is now 6 weeks old.

Our life has definitely been a whirlwind since Sam has arrived, but we are slowly starting to find a balance.

Because of Sam’s long labor and unique delivery, he ended up needing some major chiropractic care to help him feel a little happier.  I wasn’t really able to put him down without him screaming, and he ended up nursing constantly because it was the only way we could keep him happy.  Now he’s more content, cries a whole lot less and everyone is generally happier.

As for Lucy, I know I promised to update on her health a long time ago and I’ve had people asking a lot about it so here it is!

About a month before Sam was born, we finally got the results back of Lucy’s endoscopy, as well as a treatment plan.  The diagnosis as of now, is that she has something called “eosinophilic esophagitis”.  It’s a little difficult to explain (especially for someone like me who is not a doctor!) but essentially, her body doesn’t recognize certain things as food and it reacts to it.  It’s like an allergy in one sense, but it’s not anaphylactic so it’s very difficult to pinpoint what food is causing the problems.  The inflammation is slow which means that in order for us to figure out what is causing all the problems we need to work with an allergist and a dietician to do a full elimination diet to pinpoint the problem.  Right now she has been put on an oral steroid to control the inflammation in her esophagus so that she can get food down.  In fall, we will likely be starting the elimination diet to figure out what she can and can’t eat!  For now, she’s been eating like a (relatively) normal toddler.  She’s super picky, due to the fact that almost all her food has been pureed for the last two years, but we’re working in it and she’s getting more adventurous.  Still, she is able to keep most foods down on a regular basis.  We are just so thankful to finally have a direction for her health problems.

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