Feb 8 2017

back in black.

//oh hi! this really long blog break is brought to you by my getting used to having two small children in my house.//

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed a lack of colour in my photos lately.  What started as a coincidence has turned in to a personal project of sorts for me.  I’ve started working on perfecting my black and white edit, as well as documenting life in a more natural real way. This has led me to focus a lot on light and paying more attention to how the light is in the house at any given time during the day.  I feel like I’ve always struggled with getting light “just right” in my photos–particularly indoors.  Not enough that it’s a problem, but enough that I felt like a lot of the time my photos lacked a certain quality that I wanted.  If the room wasn’t bright I would discount it and not take pictures, or I would fail to pay attention enough and compensate in my edits.

I feel like black and white really highlights the use of light in a photo.  In order for black and white to be effective in story telling, there needs to be definition and contrast to draw attention to the subject.  Otherwise, why do black and white?

Anyway…I’ve always been a little picky about my black and white, so it felt fitting that I focused more in perfecting it.  Here’s a little glimpse into our year so far.