Jul 7 2014

{♥} inside our house: vintage high chair refurbish

Last week on Canada Day, Dave and I headed out to Granny and Grumpas (a local “antique barn”) in search of a high chair for Lucy.  Our house is very tiny, and so we like to be really intentional about the kinds of furniture that we use.  Baby furniture has a tendency to be clunky and mismatched, not to mention often cheap feeling (because it’s always plastic).

We came across this lovely high chair tucked away in a corner and smelling strongly of cat urine (yay!) but looking like it needed us.  I’ve done my share of reupholstering but using vinyl was new to me.  This also meant doing vinyl piping at the seams, which I’m also new to.  Dave and I are always ready for the challenge of renewing an old item though so we brought it home for $25.

Here’s the finished product!  I originally wanted to do it in a yellow, but couldn’t find the right kind of yellow.  I really wanted to stay true to the era though, so this sea foam green did just the trick.

We started by taking the entire chair apart and cleaning it all.  We used steel wool to clean up the chrome to make it shiny and new (in the pictures I forgot to wipe some sticky baby fingerprints off of it…oops!)

After it was all stripped of it’s original vinyl, I traced out the new pieces.  In total, I used 1.5m of vinyl to cover it, and 2m of vinyl piping for the edges.  We stapled the vinyl on, working from the centres to the corners making sure to keep it nice and tight.  When we got to the corners we stapled the center of the corner, then smoothed out the folds as much as possible while we stapled. After we stapled on the vinyl for the top of the seat and front of the back (?!) we stapled the vinyl piping on, making sure to keep it even and as close to the edge as possible.

For the back piece (below) we spray glued the vinyl to it.  When we folded over the edges, we made sure to notch out all the rounds to keep it smooth.  After that, we laid it on to the chair and hammered it on with the finishing tacks.  Not bad for our first vinyl reupholster!  We were really happy to save this piece, especially since it was made in Canada!

Scroll down for more pictures – no high chair post would be complete without pictures of a cute baby eating cheerios.

Oh, I should mention that we are planning on adding a seat belt.  This little girl likes to stand, and already has tried numerous times to stand in her chair. :S

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May 22 2011

this afternoon {may long weekend}

First things first: I am insanely impressed by the quality of image the iPhone 4 takes. I am blown away by how well it focuses. Seriously. And then with all the sweet photo editing apps you can get…I mean really, if you are looking for a simple camera, and are also in the market for a phone… buy an iPhone. No joke.
This weekend was the May long weekend. To be honest, it felt pretty much the same to me. Except that Dave and I went and got ice-cream on Saturday and then went Antiquing. Maybe tomorrow it’ll feel like we had more of a long weekend, since Dave is off.
Today we went to Aldergrove Lake (*ahem* Aldergrove concrete-lined-hole-in-the-ground). Concrete lined hole aside, the rest of the park is actually quite lovely! I plan on taking clients there in the future to do photos. The biggest attraction for photos being the nice quiet trails where subjects won’t get weirded out by passers by. Important.
Ok, but for serious…I was taking pictures of bees in apple blossoms with the iPhone. I even got a picture of one mid-flight. For real. And it was easy-peasy.


Apr 30 2011


Ok. I’m fully aware that this is not a very good picture. But bear with me.

Dave and I are always on the lookout for mid-century danish modern teak furniture. There’s a shop in Vancouver on Main St. that we love to go to that has beautiful stuff. WAY out of our price range though. We’ve recently chatted about getting a new bedroom set, but only if something came up. Right now our bedroom set is a mix of my old furniture, ikea, and thrift store. It works, but Dave’s dresser is falling apart and our bed isn’t doing too well. (I’m pretty sure it’s not going to survive getting moved again.)
Today we went to MCC (Um. Hello. My favourite thrift store.) I intended on buying a few picture frames for the new place. I had no idea that they were having a huge sale. “Great!” I thought. “My picture frames will be half off!” And I went on my way. I happened to pass this set, however, and my jaw dropped. This is exactly (EXACTLY) the kind of set that we’ve been wanting, but can’t afford. It’s all solid wood, teak…perfect condition. Five piece bedroom set…on sale for, wait for it….$296. WHAT? I sat there giggling like a little school girl for about 5 minutes trying to convince Dave. He loved it, but there is an issue of room in our new place. I ultimately left it up to him (I didn’t want to make a big stink about it…despite it being BEAUTIFUL and ridiculously cheap), and he decided that we should wait on it. I told the salesman that furniture like this sells in Vancouver for easily (EASILY) 5 times the amount. (Actually, I just googled something similar and it was selling for $8000. This is why we haven’t bought anything like it yet.)
So I went on my (not so) merry way and picked out picture frames and Dave wandered off in a different direction. He found me again and said that he found an old radio (in the silent auction) that he wanted to show me when I had the chance. When I went to find him, he was at the till chatting with one of the salesmen (whom we knew). I got closer and noticed that he was filling out a form. I figured he was bidding on the radio. Not quite as cool as a whole bedroom set…but still…pretty cool.
And then I looked on the form, and saw “Five piece bedroom set–to be delivered on Wednesday.”
Best. Husband. Ever.
I can’t wait. I will make it fit in our new place.

Um…Does anyone want an Ikea bed?


Jan 24 2011

day 133: the trials and tribulations of a Monday.

It appears that there was some strange force that was doing whatever it could to stop me from blogging about these paintings today.
As I said in my last post, I had planned on writing about these paintings since yesterday, but I needed to give them a little tlc first. This morning had cleaned them up all nice…but everything was broken glass in frames, finding new glass that was an inch too long, no nails to hang the paintings…arg. After I had finally gotten them hung up and prettified, I snapped a few pictures of them and got to work. I was literally a minute away from opening word press to post, when the Internet went down. A minute! One freaking minute!! I fandangled with the router for a while, but finally relented and decided to let my brother fix it in the morning. It was still early, however, so dave and I figured we’d go to the local coffee shop with wifi to finish our work.
I figured I’d just quickly throw the pictures onto my iPad and work from there. Apparently, however, 2 images take up more than the allotted space on my iPad. Really? Two 1024px images take up 5gb? What the heck?
This was proving to be a lot more difficult than your average blog.
Finally (after shouting at my iPad for a few minutes) I realized there was a folder in my Aperture program library that claimed to hold 13000 images (13000 imaginary images, I might add).
Ok. So that box got unchecked. 2 blog images, now on my iPad.
But apparently my blog app than I had from before I used word press doesn’t support wordpress.org sites. Only wordpress.com. And nor can the word press website upload images to your blog when you are using an ipad.
Seriously. It was just supposed to be a simple post. Two pictures and a little text.
After downloading the officially word press app (supports .org!) I attempted my login. Error.
Dsjkfbkjsdvbksdvbkjskbsdkjvskjbsdvbs……..*steam comes from Courteney’s ears*
Tried login again.
Error. Apparently something needed to be checked off within the admin of my website to allow for iPad editing…or…whatever…
So here I am. My espresso macchiato is done (and it was burnt tasting), and so is this post.
Well…kind of. I haven’t even written about the paintings.
Ahhhh…so….ta da! My paintings from Granny & Grumpas. 2 dollars for these beauties. They look great above my piano. :) I have no idea if they are actually old, if they were someones high school art project, or what…but I love them.


Jan 23 2011

day 132: A heapful of old stuff.

I couldn’t resist.
Dave & I went to our newest favourite spot: “Granny & Grumpas” (I blogged about it last week: “The Find of a Century”). We took my parents and brother and sister-in-law today after church. I didn’t really have any intention of buying anything…but really…you can’t go there and walk away empty handed. It’s impossible. Today I came home with two books: “Beetons Book of Household Management” (It’s copyright 1861, but this was printed in 1977), and my personal fave: “Foods, Nutrition & Home Management Manual. Home Econimics Circular No. 1″ (Distributed by the department of Education of British Columbia. Printed in 1939.) They will fit in quite nicely with my vintage Etiquette books.

I also got a stack of vintage valentines cards (from what I can gather so far, they range from the early 1900′s to the 1940′s–with a majority of them being in the 10′s to 30′s range.) I can’t decide whether to sell them on Etsy or to keep them all to myself. They are so pretty! Almost all of them were printed in Germany (although they are all in English) and have some sort of pinwheel action (arms moving, etc) or are popup die cut cards.

The last things I found are two paintings that I will be blogging about tomorrow. They need a little TLC first, which is my plan for my day off tomorrow. :)